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Curriculum Vitae

Born in Bologna, 11th December 1967, Marco Villani obtained the Italian Laurea (M.Sc.) in Physics at the University of Bologna in 1992 (with honours); his M.Sc. thesis has been honored by the SIF (Italian Physics Society) as the best thesis of the year with applications from Informatics to Physics. After 8 years of activities as executive and supervisor of the Modelling laboratory in a private research centre (The Environmental Research Centre – CRA for short – belonging to the Montedison group), since 2005 he has been Researcher at the Department of Communication and Economics of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where he has been founder and supervisor of the Simulation and Modelling laboratory. From October 2011 he becomes a member of the Department of Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics of the same university, where currently he holds the position of associate professor. Marco Villani collaborates with ECLT (European Centre for Living Technologies), an excellence European centre with headquarters in Venice whose main research topics range from complex systems, to systems biology and evolutionary computation.

Marco Villani is author or co-author of more than 150 publications in international journals and refereed conference proceedings. He is author of the book “Modelling Protocells – The Emergent Synchronization of Reproduction and Molecular Replication”, Springer 2017, and editor of 4 books (“Educating managers in complexity” – Aracne Editore 2007; “Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation” – World Scientific, 2010; “Evolution, Complexity and Artificial Life” – Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2014; “Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation”, Springer 2017). Among the publications on conference proceedings, 5 have been decorated with international honors (4 best paper award and one poster honor mention).

He was chairman of the international workshop “The management of complexity, the complexity of management – Complexity, management and education” in July 2007, of the workshops WIVACE2008, WIVACE2012, WIVACE2017 and WIVACE2018 focused on Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation, and of the workshop “Complexity, Evolution and Emergent Intelligence”, satellite of the XI international conference on artificial intelligence of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA09, 2009), where he was the general chairman of the workshops. In 2014 he co-organised and chaired the international workshop “DySCS – Dynamical Structures in Complex Systems: an information theoretic perspective”, satellite of the European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS2014). He has been also session chair in other international conferences and workshops. He has been invited speaker at conferences and workshops in Europe and US. He was and is involved in several Italian and European projects, where applies complex systems concepts in areas that require strong interdisciplinary interactions.

Marco Villani is member of AI*IA (Associazione Italiana per l’ Intelligenza Artificiale – Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence), where has been serving as member of the National Board from 2009 to 2011. He is member of SIREN (the Italian Society for Neural Networks) and of the international Complex Systems Society.