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Working papers

“COVID-19, Race, and Gender” (with Arcangelo Dimico), CEPR Discussion Paper No. 16000 and IZA Discussion Paper No. 14238, Revised October 2021. R&R Journal of Urban Economics. [download wp]

“Family Planning and Ethnic Heritage: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa” (with Arcangelo Dimico and Chiara Falco), in progress.

“Female Healers, Witch Hunts, Epidemics, and Trust in Medicine” (with Monica Bozzano and Arcangelo Dimico), in progress.

“Strangers and Foreigners: Trust and Attitudes toward Citizenship” (with Arcangelo Dimico and Gian Luca Tedeschi), CEPR Discussion Paper No. 16963, January 2022. [download wp]

“Bitter Sugar: Slavery and the Black Family” (with Arcangelo Dimico), CEPR Discussion Paper No. 14837. Revised, April 2022. [download wp]

Adams and Eves: The Gender Gap in Economics Majors (with Luca Bonacini and Marina Murat), CEPR Discussion Paper No. 16767, December 2021. [downlod wp]

“Colonialism in the Theory of Growth”, Brown University Working Paper No. 94-14, 1994. [download wp]

For other papers see also IDEAS.