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    Antonella Cavallo

    Ph.D Student  in Labour, Development and Innovation
    Fondazione Universitaria Marco Biagi

    Curriculum Vitae: [pdf]
    E-mail: antonella.cavallo [at]

    University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Department of Economics “Marco Biagi”
    Viale Berengario 51, 41121 Modena (MO), Italy
    Office No: 54 West
    Office Phone No: +39 059 2056854

    Research Interests:
    Macroeconomics,  Monetary Economics, Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis


    1. CAVALLO, Antonella; COSTANTINI, Eleonora; NAZVANOVA, Natalia (2015) – Economic and Labour Assimilation of Migrants: The case of Modena – Quaderni Fondazione Marco Biagi, Sezione Ricerche, vol.3
    2. CAVALLO, Antonella; RIBBA, Antonio (2015) – Common Macroeconomic Shocks and Business Cycle Fluctuations in Euro Area Countries – International Review of Economics and Finance, 2015 vol. 38, pages 377-392
    3. CAVALLO, Antonella; RIBBA, Antonio (2014) – Euro Area Inflation as a Predictor of National Inflation Rates – Journal of Policy Modeling, vol. 36(6), pages 1048-1065

    Working Paper:

    1. CAVALLO, Antonella; RIBBA, Antonio (2017) – Measuring the Effects of Oil Price and Euro-area Shocks on CEECs Business Cycle, DEMB Working Paper Series, n.111, ISSN: 2281-440X online; RECent Center for Economic Research, Working Paper Series, n.128

    Work in progress:

    1. CAPALBI, Antonella; CAVALLO, Antonella; NAZVANOVA, Natalia –  Towards Work-Life balance: an interdisciplinary approach
    2. CAVALLO, Antonella (2017) – The Common Framework for National Fiscal Policies and Euro-area Fiscal Union
    3. CAVALLO, Antonella; FIORANI, Giuseppe (2017) – Regional Input-Output Analysis for the Evaluation of ESI Funds